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Recent tests have revealed that the quality of a man’s sperm deteriorates as he ages.

This means that not only does his chance of fathering children become lower but the children that he might father are at greater risk of suffering birth defects such as Down’s Syndrome or other congenital issue.

This revelation has prompted calls of ‘free sperm freezing for eighteen-year-olds’, with the hope that an older man wishing to procreate could call upon his more youthful sperm to perform the task; of course the freezing of sperm would also be beneficial for sufferers of testicular cancer, or related maladies rendering a male infertile.

Unsurprisingly the main aspect holding back this initiative is of a financial nature – with initial semen banking costing over $100 then with an annual storage fee of over $150 – which the Government would be expected to pay.

If every teenage male was to capitalise on this strategy on their eighteenth birthday – given how eighteen-year-old boys are so renowned for their forward-thinking ability – over a couple of years it could cost the Government in the vicinity of billions of dollars.

Let’s hope they find a way though because as we all should know by now, if there’s one thing this world desperately needs, it’s a higher rate of reproduction…

I can’t speak for her but using frozen sperm wouldn’t be the same, would it?



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Freya Zen Swum-Marr

Photography by I C Pessy

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