Tim Walker’s Novel 10

“Almost eight weeks on from the first air attack on Washington DC, astonishingly, but certainly, in no small part, thanks to intervention from the UN, there has been no reported retaliation.

“Still a little over a week out from North Korea’s original D-day, which, as we may recall, was the first day of the New Year, this one sided war, North Korea has waged on the rest of the world, appears to be fizzling out.

“Whether the rest of the world is, since learning of General of the Army, Kodos Wanton’s, unquenchable bloodlust, fearful of how the unpredictable Koreans might react or if, they are simply, biding their time, waiting, for the optimal moment to strike back, other than the occasional provocation from North Korea, in the form of a comparatively feeble missile strike, or other, incendiary, attack, the planet appears, relatively at peace.

“Given the unconventional nature of the world’s, current unrest, where ultimately, one nation is inciting one hundred percent of the violence, the hope of a ceasefire over Christmas, is, if anything, a gamble.

“But the lingering question, at many people’s lips, is why, nobody has been doing anything, to stop, or at least, to stymie this, unprovoked, onslaught? And for the answer, we cross live now to UN Security Council member, Carol Hives, Carol, why has the world been standing idly by while, North Korea, takes, pot-shots at us?”

“As I said, Michael, in the beginning, it was the imminent threat, the potential for world war that kept everybody, shall we say, disarmed, and also Michael, of course, the manifestly blatant fact that, to go to war against a nation such as North Korea has become, would be plainly futile but now, given the magnitude and, well, latitude, of North Korea’s most recent air strikes, over Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, even India, and, most shockingly, Russia, I fear to say it, world war might already be upon us.

“So when exactly are the world’s, powerhouse nations, going to stand up for themselves, going to say ‘enough’s enough’, and start fighting back?”

“Alright, Michael, it would seem that you are a little behind, and certainly, two days ago had you asked me that question, I am sure I would have replied along the lines of, why would anyone bother fighting back when they know the power of their assailant, is quite simply, unassailable?

“Alright, I see.”

“Yes, but as I said Michael, you’ve fallen behind, way down there in the south … A little under an hour ago, the world did, as you put it, start fighting back.

“Oh, alright then, so, Carol, how’s progress?

“As expected, Michael, it’s not good.

“Please, Carol, elaborate.

“This was the reason, Michael, as I keep telling the world’s newscasters, that no nation was willing to fight back, against, the North Korean army.

“And what, was that reason, please, Carol?

“Michael, North Korean armed forces, having coupled with Chinese armed forces, simply and unequivocally, are a totally, however you put it, unbeatable, undefeatable, unassailable, force.

“Alarming stuff, Carol, please, continue.

“Michael, you sound, detached, I am unsure you are, comprehending, quite the gravity, of what I’m reporting to you…”

“Please, Carol, go on..?

“The North Korean military, Michael, are simply, too strong…

“Yes, it’s alarming stuff alright, Carol.

“Michael, listen to me, when I say, the world, is under, attack.

“Alright, thank you, Carol … We’re leaving Carol Hives now … This is Michael Robertson, with Three News, wishing everyone a merry Christmas, and happy holidays, and a very good night.”

Dave Walters never woke up.





No way. It’s too much. I’m a gone-burger.


Still keeping the pride? K.


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