Tim Walker’s Inmate II

At what point did a high security prison sentence in New Zealand become less a disciplinary measure and more a leisure activity?

Further footage has been released of Mount Eden’s prison inmates doing not only as they please but essentially upholding the run of the place. These videos have depicted rampant drug and alcohol usage as well as a very laid-back and easy-going atmosphere…

I always thought the idea of going to prison was supposed to be so repugnant, so very terrifying that after such consideration a life of unequivocal law-abiding would follow. As it turns out though, jail for these guys is nothing but an ulterior existence boasting all the comforts and modern conveniences of home life.

…Leading me to wonder, how much are prison staff being paid to look the other way? As stated previously, this entire escapade smacks of corruption.

Regarding supposedly misappropriated funds, then there’s the story of the Kiwi bloke who had a baby with that Armenian woman who then deserted them because it turned out the kid suffered Down’s Syndrome and a Down’s Syndrome child in her land would bring nothing but disgrace so the man went about setting up an online fundraising page which thanks largely to the goodwill of idiots amassed around $600,000 then smelling money, of course the woman came back to him. Now though, he’s being accused of spending the $600,000 improperly…

Fortunately there were various contracts and other lawful documents written up to denote precisely how this man ought to have been spending his money thereby ensuring sensible financial allocation – oh wait, no there wasn’t.

…It was one of those silly online fundraising ventures that no one really understands but where people are compelled to donate because they believe it will benefit their karma allotment or some shit like that.

In this instance, more than ever, my general belief that people are idiots is greatly reinforced. Those online fundraising sites are based around nothing but goodwill; also known as naivety. There is never anything to suggest the person receiving your money will do with it as they say they will, yet you silly people insist on giving it to them anyway.

Almost hard to believe those people locked away in Mount Eden are the only ones we consider crooks.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Prez N Staff

Photography by Clark N Digger




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