Tim Walker’s Nasty

A racially slurring Work and Income employee has fallen afoul of minority races across the North.

The aforementioned incident took place one Night at a Taupo bar where the Work and Income New Zealand worker was heard to refer to a Polynesian bouncer using ‘the N word’; they were promptly removed from the premises.

Makes me wonder though, what goes through the head of some drunks? The doorman in question in fact foresaw the acrimony unfolding and had the presence of mind to film the ordeal, leaving the accused in a decidedly untenable position.

The other thing concerning me is this so called ‘N word’ that pops up on the News every Now and again. Whenever I hear a News story – this one included – where the reporter talks about someone using ‘the N word’ I wonder: what could be so bad about this word beginning with N that they feel unable to articulate it in full?

I’ve been through in my head most every N word I kNow and honestly, None of them are that bad. I can understand many of them being used as insults (except Nice, unless they said Not Nice, but then that’d be two N words, wouldn’t it) but for them to be so taboo as to Not be able to broadcast them on National television..?

I mean, Nefarious, is pretty shocking but it’s not that bad. Nob, is reasonably insulting also but I believe it’s usually spelled with a K. Numb, is harmless by itself but couple it with another, Numbskull, and it becomes quite bad as well. Obviously, Nincompoop, is one of the worst words anybody can call anyone, but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that on the news; I’ve read it in picture books anyway.

I know a few more N words too but none of them are that bad – certainly no worse than Nincompoop.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Nina Com Pauper

Photography by Ray Shale Slur

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