Tim Walker’s Cup

I’ve heard of a spit-beetle and a spit-bucket, even a spit-puddle or a spit-pool if you like, but a Spit-hill..?

Dean Barker appears to forgone whatever grudges he once held over Jimmy Spithill, the pair openly sharing pleasantries while posing for a television camera.

Unsurprising really that the smile has returned to Barker’s face after signing what one can only imagine is a lucrative deal, as skipper and CEO of Japanese yachting challenger, Softbank Team Japan.

As for the smarmy but frustratingly svelte and indeed charismatic skipper of Oracle Team USA, Jimmy Spithill, well, his team and he has been accused of cheating after that inexplicable comeback in the last America’s Cup final; although in fairness New Zealand never has been good at accepting defeat from Australians.

Best of luck to Mr Barker and may he enjoy every success as captain of another vessel; just remember, if Team NZ can’t take part next time around citing financial difficulties, it’s probably only because Grant Dalton demands a more than half million dollar salary.

Hard to believe New Zealand still considers Spithill the shithead.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Tame Dalton

Photography by Ray Gutter

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