Tim Walker’s Witchcraft

Good, honest, hard-working Kiwi folk are being duped by the influx of Indian witch doctors in Auckland.

These so called ‘healers’ are in many cases taking Aucklanders for hundreds of dollars for essentially providing the assurance that through their mystical channels they will heal them of physical or often, mental anguish.

Sounds like a scam, right? Someone claiming to be able to heal by simply ‘wishing’ away their pain..? Yeah, right. It’s no surprise then that New Zealanders have ridiculed and written off these witch doctors as conventional con-artists…

Hang on, let’s not be too pushy; surely if these Indian healers believe in what they’re pushing, that makes it a legitimate practise. Far as I can see in today’s world, if you believe in a cause, that’s as good as reality; isn’t that the principle behind all religion?

How dare those narrow-minded Auckland bigots claim that because this supposed witchery is too far out for them to fathom, that it must be a scam? No one has ever seen or heard from this fabled Lord Jesus yet I’m certain each week a percentage of Auckland citizens happily offer money to their church, under the pretence that it will directly benefit their existence.

These Indian witch doctors might well be running a scam but so is every religion in the world; the only difference is that we are less familiar with this scam.

Give it time.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Indy N Heeler

Photography by Ray Lee Gus Skimmer

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