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Why am I still hearing about Karl Anglem and his unofficial taxi service?

The story of a Timaru man providing his friends with safe transport home from local pubs and bars became knowledge some days ago and at the time it struck me as patently idiotic – that or an attempt at publicity for the businesses involved…

Karl Anglem maintains he doesn’t require payment for the service he provides and given his sobriety at the time, he sees it as nothing more than a friendly gesture he is beholden to offer.

…Which is precisely why I refused to comment. Since then the claims and accusations surrounding Mr Anglem have become ridiculous to the extent where part of me still believes the whole thing is a joke. Timaru Taxis are claiming that his Samaritan behaviour is doing them out of business; they consider his actions illegal.

A joke, maybe; farcical, certainly; illegal, really? This, at a time when one of television’s most recognisable advertisements ends with the slogan: ‘Stop someone from driving drunk … Legend.’

Nevertheless, as they are obliged to do with any complaint – farcical or otherwise – police have landed Karl Anglem with an official warning.

It now looks as though, for frequenters of Timaru’s licensed establishments who wish to avoid an invariably exorbitant taxi fare, the only way to ensure everyone remains appeased is to respectfully decline the goodwill of sober friends and, well, to quietly drive themselves home.

Seriously..? Drunk?

Well if they don’t have $40 for a taxi fare then yeah, I guess so.

But that’s illegal..?

Yeah, but apparently so is what Karl Anglem was doing.

But I thought driving drunk was one of the worst things somebody could ever do..?

Yes, you are correct, driving drunk is one of the worst things somebody can ever do but seemingly, if that somebody is not willing to forego a couple of hours’ wages to fund their short trip home, that’s what Timaru Taxis expects them to do.


That’s the image they’re pushing.

But couldn’t they just get a ride home with somebody else, like, a sober friend instead?

You mean somebody like Karl Anglem?



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Donna Draphy Dronk

Photography by X Orbitan Tex-Affair

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