Tim Walker’s Double

If the rest of the world is allowed to be outraged at photos of skinny girls, why am I not allowed to feel a similar sense of injustice at photos of chubby ones?

Of course for many women staying slim is a constant battle and to them the sight of one of those naturally skinny girls is simply infuriating; much easier to just vilify those girls than to exert effort maintaining your own figure…

The fact is: just as some women are destined to be plus-size, others are destined to be diminutive; just as some women will always have a bulge, others will always have exposed ribs.

…Those plus-size protesters who spend their time ripping shit out of ‘skinny models’ while celebrating their own disproportionately high Body Mass Index are running a massive double standard. Those girls are big supporters of ‘feeling happy with your appearance’; yet have no trouble turning around and belittling fashion models for the way they look.

Many people believe it’s based on genetics; I think it’s more to do with lifestyle – some eat for pleasure while others do it out of necessity.

Personally to see chubby girls flaunting their bulges; being proud of a life of over-eating, under-exercising and all around sloth is repugnant.

In a time where diabetes is New Zealand’s number one killer promoting plus-size models as a ‘refreshing alternative’ to the typical skeletons we see on the catwalk, is nothing short of hypocrisy.

Agreed, don’t promote ‘skinniness’ as a woman’s target appearance but for Christ’s sake people, you can’t just go around claiming ‘plus-size’ is the natural and healthy alternative.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by U E Tua Mush

Photography by X R Size

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