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New Zealand Government is taking steps to relax prohibited trading laws over Easter; leaving the decision instead in the hands of local council.

As with any major Government shift, half the country is in uproar while the rest don’t appear to give a damn.

The issue many are taking with the impending law change is the fact that a percentage of workers will lose several days of statutory downtime, with ANZAC day, Christmas day and Good Friday reported to be the three remaining staples…

Personally, the only one of the aforementioned days that means anything at all is ANZAC day; the other two are based on a fairy tale and in my opinion the only reason they’re being perpetuated over a couple of thousand years on is to push the sales of low-quality goods to an ignorant public.

…I wonder how it is that, despite most of the people I know maintaining no religious stance whatsoever, the majority of our nation’s holidays are based around just that.

Seems to me it’s patently hypocritical to jump on board with a celebration, the essence of which one shows no support.

I understand that as New Zealanders we love our big, garish Christmases because of the way our atheistic beliefs have manipulated them to symbolise what we want – family, relaxation, food and alcohol; we maintain Easter largely because our kids love the excitement and perhaps also because we love chocolate – something which, according to Christian belief, has absolutely no relevance at all to the symbolic nature of the day.

The point is, as time goes on these days are bound to become increasingly adulterated and adapted to meet our own desires. The fact that we still attempt to ‘honour’ religious holidays by prohibiting a favourite national pastime, is nothing short of asinine.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Trav S Tay

Photography by Acer Nyne

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