Tim Walker’s Lieu

It’s common enough for workers who have been active during a day which they would otherwise have off, to be awarded a ‘day in lieu’.

This lieu day entitles them to replace a typical workday with a day of rest. Given that I have been active for the past two Sundays, I feel one of these days might be warranted.

Each time I end up doing an uncharacteristic Sunday post, before I go to bed that night I tell myself: Right, no pressure tomorrow; late start; we’ll be cruising…

That’s the theory anyway. That’s the way I feel Sunday night; it just never seems to work out that way come Monday morning.

…I invariably wake early on Mondays. It pisses me off royally. Lying in bed I then start to go through my archives, searching for an idea – some engaging topic to expand/exploit. This morning it was Lieu which, at first whisper doesn’t sound all that captivating but that’s not the point; the point –

Hey, what do you call two days in lieu followed by a decade-long infestation of army ants?

Dude, I have no idea.





No no, I heard you; that just makes no sense.

Yeah it does, ‘cause lieu then a decade is ten and –

No. I’m having a day off.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Louis Tenant

Photography by Lew Day

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