Tim Walker’s Theory XI

For this week’s theory, I’ve decided to go less controversial and more good-old-fashioned thought-provoking.

Trust me, this will provoke the shit out of your thoughts.

Looking around New Zealand, and in fact the entire world, I see a multitude of differing races. Some of these people are purely one race, others are mixed race. Let’s be fair though, in New Zealand at least, a high percentage of our population are of a mixed nationality.

The last of the pure-bred Maoris has since died and I believe it would be fair to assume that, given the ease with which people can now communicate and indeed interact with other people from around the world – also the human propensity for cross-breeding – there will one day, quite soon I would postulate, be no pure-blood nationalities left in the world.

Currently the population of planet Earth can be separated into three major races: Caucasian – generally white-skinned or European people; Mongolian – comprising Asian, Polynesian, Inuit, and American Indian; Negroid – which are the African and Australian Aboriginal races. Of these three main races only a relatively small portion remain unadulterated.

My theory submits that over the next few generations – providing of course the planet doesn’t die in the meantime – the world’s nationalities will become less distinctive, less distinguishable, less different until one day, there will be only one people.

In the future every person on the planet will have become a mixture of the aforementioned races and although we will all still be different, it is my belief that all people will share approximately the same skin tone and facial structure.

It is my theory that given time, ‘exotic’ will become a thing of the past.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Cam Bind Ray-Cis

Photography by Noah Des Tinque-Chon

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