Tim Walker’s Peak

My God people are dicks.

I am certain the only reason this outcast ‘Red Peak’ flag design won so much support in a recent petition/poll/whatever-the-hell to subsequently earn itself a spot on the ‘new flag shortlist’, is because the people of New Zealand are so damned intent on defying Prime Minister John Key for forcing us to change our flag in the first place.

It is a fact that the majority of Kiwis don’t want a flag change but if we’re having one anyway, shit, it might as well be a good one; yet it seems these anti-flaggers have decided they are going to cause as big a fuss and make the selecting of a new flag as challenging, thereby wasting as much of the nation’s money, as possible.

That is so typical of the Kiwi mentality – obstinate for the sake of obstinate, contrary for the sake of contrary, difficult for the sake of difficult; pig-headed for the sake of being a dick-wad.

Granted there is some apparent Maori symbolism somewhere within this Red Peak flag design and although all I see is a piece of material which looks as though it was designed by a budding architecture student mastering the art of using a straight-edge, given the amount of publicity the Red Peak flag has garnered over past months, come the deciding vote – which is going ahead regardless of how many of you complaining Kiwis try to stymie it – I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was the one design which through this mindless controversy has been continuously forced into the public eye, the Red Peak design, that won it on the day.

Yes, that would be a fine win for defiance across New Zealand.

Forget the fact that the Red Peak is devoid of any current meaning – the Union Jack; symbolising the monarchy of which New Zealand is a part, or the Southern Cross; symbolising a constellation exclusive to our part of the world – it also looks juvenile, uninspired and dull.

Come on New Zealand, don’t be a dick.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Anne T Flug

Photography by Stu Pad Flug


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