Tim Walker’s Hajj

I was once told that running with the bulls in Spain was dangerous; seemingly this annual pilgrimage in Mecca, Saudi Arabia is worse.

I don’t know how many fatalities each year are caused by rampant bulls running through streets but it’s sure as hell not 720…

Over two million devout Saudis partook in the religious ritual, Hajj, which involves this unimaginably vast throng of worshippers swarming between various locations, performing acts of faith, love and devotion at each.

…I can’t imagine what went wrong; this classically Muslim act just appeared so well organised, orchestrated and executed, yet it seems somewhere within the seething horde of worship, a number of fellow devotees were trampled and killed.

Obviously none of the people are at fault though; God clearly has a plan.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by D Vute/Miss Lamb

Photography by Jesus H Christ

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