Tim Walker’s Wailing

The recent Rugby World Cup match between Wales and England presented the competition with yet another major upset…

So why are you wailing – did you want England to win?

In fact no, I’m a big supporter of those other, supposedly lesser, British teams – particularly Ireland.

…Therefore, given the way Japan was victorious over South Africa in the first round, fair to say the Webb Ellis cup could be taken by anyone.

So why were you wailing?

I wasn’t wailing.

But you said…

No no, you assumed that because I used the term ‘wails’ a few times, I must have been ‘wailing’.

So you’re not, wailing I mean..?


But somebody must have been wailing about England losing, or you wouldn’t have been saying about all the ‘wails’ all the time.

What are you … Oh, God.


Well, I mean, how do you know I wasn’t saying ‘whales’, and perhaps referring to the Japanese whaling in the Atlantic?


Dude, I was not wailing, nor was I whaling; I guess though, there will be a fair few English rugby supporters who are wailing on account of their defeat to Wales.

Oh yeah, they won.

They won the game, yes, they beat England.

And you weren’t wailing about it..?

No, as I said, I’m a big fan of those other British teams.

Oh my God, so was it Wales that you picked to win the World Cup in that Punt for a Million thing?

Wales? No.

So who’d ya pick?

You’ll see.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Ruby Whurl Coop

Photography by Tu Wei Binter

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