Tim Walker’s Bermuda

For as long as I can recall the fable of the Bermuda Triangle and its supposed ability to vanish objects, has been among the world’s best.

Contributing to this intrigue, recently a cargo ship with 33 passengers did just that.

There was a hurricane involved so this disappearance wasn’t entirely the Triangle’s doing, nevertheless when El Faro sailed into Joaquin, just off Crooked Island in the Bahamas, she failed to sail out again.

Flotsam from the 240 metre cargo ship has been found scattered across more than 300 square kilometres, but no sign of the vessel herself.

Prompts the questions: did Joaquin blow El Faro so far off course that her crew lost contact with land and if so, where are they now?

Did Joaquin capsize and scuttle El Faro, where the ocean-going behemoth along with her crew and cargo is now resting on the ocean floor?

Or, like the myriad other vessels and aircraft which have over time been lost amid this mythical setting, are El Faro and her 33-man crew now simply, gone?



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Wynn D Day

Photography by Gunn Burger

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