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Shamefully, ruefully, regrettably, it’s official: New Zealand’s propensity for self-obsession is costing it.

The self-directed camera shot, or ‘selfie’, according to the Collins International Word Bank, became a legitimate thing towards the end of last decade and since then, the desire to photograph oneself, with or without accompanying cohort, has become compelling to the point of insanity.

Insane perhaps, yet the lengths to which these people will go to capture their selfies is not just mad anymore, it has become downright burdensome; the reported ACC cost of selfie related injury has surpassed $900 thousand and at a loss of twelve lives…

I’ve said it before and by God I’ll say it again: people are dicks. Honestly, some of these idiots have been known to take massive risks – free-climbing buildings, towers, or reaching other great heights just to photograph themselves then post it online, and for what – to gain popularity on Facebook – for other like-minded idiots to swoop in and offer their affirmation – so the rest of the world can share in your overt narcissism – so you can feel good about yourself..?

…Come on, for Christ’s sake, shit man, this inane pastime, this idiotic plea for recognition is more bloody deadly than shark attacks; yet being ravaged by a shark is something over which we largely don’t have control.

Understandably should a selfie related calamity befall any one of the aforementioned idiots, well, you can be damned sure that Accident Compensation would be among the first Corporation to receive an update and of course be expected to provide support.

Carrying out an reckless act for the sole purpose of photographing yourself in the hope that it will afford you up to fifteen minutes of fame is tantamount to waking up one morning and discharging a 12 gauge into your stomach then quickly snapping a pic of the results; it’s ill-planned, it’s impulsive, stupid and deadly, but then I guess, a large part of ACC’s support plan has to be looking out for the nation’s idiots.

New Zealand, seriously, take a decent look at yourself and for once, not though the lens of a bloody smartphone camera.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Sal Fe Stack

Photography by Lou D Chryst

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