Tim Walker’s Theory XIV

I often find myself considering the consequences of a world overrun with technology.

There is no doubt that scientists will continue to develop their understanding of all things digital transmission, harnessing that ability to utilise open space to our benefit by cramming it with digital signals until, well, until our breath begins to take on a horrid metallic aftertaste or something.

Seriously, technology has gone forward in the last ten years with more alacrity than I think it had in the fifty years prior to that, and while I might foresee no end to this brutish technology juggernaut, fair to say that when it comes to the advent of digitally enhanced progress, I have never foreseen much of anything anyway, so, yeah.

There have been a number of movies and other highly imaginative, thought-provoking productions created where technology – specifically robots/androids intended to benefit the human marathon – have been constructed with such highly functioning ersatz minds that they soon develop the ability to think, therefore learn, for themselves and subsequently, start vying for domination over their soft-fleshed counterparts.

At first whisper it sounds far out, incredible; unbelievable even – but how far off is it really?

Seems to me that those people paid to develop and push technology as far as it can go are already most of the way there; they have already created devices so very lifelike that people (the soft-fleshed kind) struggle to distinguish their thought-processes from those of an actual (soft-fleshed) human…

So how much longer do you realistically think it will be before there are manmade creations (not the soft-fleshed kind though) walking among us (the soft-fleshed people)?

…Hang about; how do we know there’s not already?



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Tak Nolo Gee

Photography by Wyatt A Monnet


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