Tim Walker’s Broke

It has been revealed, somewhat tragically, that upon his death Jonah Lomu’s financial situation was less than solvent…

This doesn’t surprise me terribly. I recall in the days after his death speaking to my grandmother about this very topic; in fact it was regarding the payouts all Lomu’s hangers-on might now be expecting. I believe I used the quote, “I guarantee, that with all Jonah Lomu’s multimillion dollar endorsements, promotions, sponsorship deals and the like, given the numerous wives and children, also his propensity for frivolous expenditure – word is he bought a Maserati sports car with his first ever paycheque – I guarantee, Grandma, he will be worth one hell of a lot less than people expect.”

…This revelation has come as a shock to many – many who I’m sure were hoping to cash in on Jonah Lomu’s untimely death.

You can’t spend it when you’re dead, eh Lomu..?



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Hannah Orn

Photography by Pi Utt

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