Tim Walker’s Implied III

The problem with living in a democratic nation whose people enjoy freedoms of almost every kind and which is not stricken by war, famine, pandemic or other mortal hardship, to the point where everyone can practically guarantee their family and they will wake each morning, is that triviality seems to constantly gain recognition.

When a few days ago Prime Minister John Key was lured into Auckland’s Mediaworks Studios – as he has been numerous times this year – to show his lighter side and perhaps to even provide some comic relief to Rock radio audiences throughout New Zealand; then when he was forced to make some adlib remarks regarding a farcical incarceration put together by Rock DJs and, when he uttered a couple of ribald lines that I actually heard at the time (imagine my surprise when I even found myself chuckling at our Prime Minister’s ability to make/take a joke) and, when that was then followed by my dismay when I learned that idiot New Zealanders were again being idiots…

It should be known that, much as my latent misanthropy might dictate it, I don’t actually consider all New Zealanders idiots; just the ones who seem to sit in wait for that fleeting moment where perhaps, where just maybe, they can possibly find a way to find a reason to find something offensive.

…According to sources, despite having forgotten the moment myself although as the memory returned experiencing the warmth of that Prime Ministerial quip, not just some groups, nay, many groups have taken offence at our humbly bumbling John Key.

I have to wonder, for example, if it had been me who had dropped those remarks about ‘being behind bars’, ‘bending down’, ‘picking up’ and, ‘slimy soap’; if it had been anyone but our beloved scapegoat of a PM who had publicly said something so potentially provocative, honestly, would New Zealand’s White Ribbon Foundation – would anyone – have cared?

Once again it’s reading between the lines, hearing what wasn’t said but what they expect was implied that is, as usual, resulting in poor old Uncle John’s persecution.

Guess now he knows how the Jews felt.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Unky Jonky

Photography by N Z De Ked


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