Tim Walker’s Theory XXIII

The phrase ‘…victim was killed execution style…’ has always made me chuckle…

This week’s Theory therefore pertains to usage of the aforementioned phrase.

…Fair call, probably not an ideal ‘chuckling’ situation but hear me out: I have seen a line of kneeling refugees ‘executed’ via bullets to the back of the head, I have seen ISIS radicals similarly ‘executing’ people with bullets to the foreheads; I have seen other ‘executions’ which have left a hole in the temple, and I have heard of further ‘execution style killings’ which have manifested either a bullet in the back, a bullet in the chest or even, a slit throat.

If you’re still wondering where I find the humour in that, yeah, you’re probably never going to get it.

My theory is that the statement, ‘killed execution style’, other than confirming somebody’s death – also the fact that they didn’t have the life arbitrarily beaten out of them – while certainly commanding an audience’s attention, actually tells them nothing.

Time to sign off, execution style.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by X E Cushion

Photography by Kay Ling



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