Tim Walker’s Rental

The average cost of renting a dwelling in Auckland has surpassed the $500 mark.

This is up 9% on last year which, incidentally, is up 7% on the previous year’s 2% rise in rental cost. Understandably renters are outraged; particularly when one takes into account that house prices have risen around 17%…

Theoretically a house’s rental price – established by the landlord, the owner of the premises – is relative to the total price paid for the house thus covering outgoing costs such as general upkeep, periodic maintenance, also mortgage repayments which need to be continually paid.

…So that’s almost 10% of potential rental fee increase that is seemingly being absorbed by the landlord.

Hard to believe then that Auckland’s renters are harbouring such indignation towards the aforementioned property owners; it’s scarcely their fault property prices are always on the rise.

It’s almost as though these impoverished families-of-seven-or-eight currently renting Auckland accommodation should have stopped living for the day back when they still had a choice, and instead put some thought into their futures…

Given how much I detest repetition I’ll only say this once more: education is the key to prosperity – teach people how to be fiscally responsible and who knows, they might just succeed in life.

…Shit it sounds easier just to blame the Government.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Ren Talcust

Photography by Reid Ock Ulyss

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