Tim Walker’s Double II

New Zealand’s ‘Plus Sized Movement’ is releasing a calendar celebrating The Plus-Sized Woman…

This unsettling and, in my opinion, repugnant publication intends to flaunt pictures of attractive women of size 14 or above (mostly above) in provocative (ghastly) poses, while adorned in seductive lingerie (can’t fault the underwear, but).

…If these nice women were to just stop deluding themselves for a moment or two they might realise that what they’re actually celebrating is the carefree liberty afforded to them by their life of sloth or, more accurately, over-eating and under-exercising.

The story of “Plus Sized women” who are “happy in their skins” celebrating their “sexy and healthy Plus Sized bodies” and who refuse to “waste their time counting calories” must be among the biggest crocks of shit I have ever seen: they are clearly not happy with themselves or they would have no reason to continually make such a big fuss; while they might be ‘sexy’ to their obese husbands their frightfully exalted Body Mass Indexes will assuredly be anything but healthy; as for ‘counting calories’, where in the ‘80s this might have been a fashionable pastime, nowadays I don’t know anyone who is particularly concerned with their calorie intake per se – like most people of 30 of 40 years, if my pants start tightening, rather than bitching and moaning about the genetic composition of the slim girl down the street (also the unrealistic standards she’s setting and how all her selfies must surely be photo-shopped), simply, I eat less and exercise more.

At a time where diabetes is one of New Zealand’s biggest killers, promoting the Plus-Sized body is unequivocal hypocrisy; thus rather than blindly pushing the ‘be happy with your body shape no matter how far above standard it has become’ doctrine, perhaps we ought to be spending more time promoting rudimentary ‘healthy living’.

A Plus Sized advocate claimed that by releasing the aforementioned calendar they are hoping to “overcome the stigma that comes with being plus sized” – stigma indeed; one needs only to witness the cruelty and scathing insults these big girls have been heard handing down to regular fashion models, who incidentally they sometimes like to refer to as “those disgusting human skeletons”, and one might say that stigma is largely self-imposed.

The irony of the above slander is that those ‘human skeleton’ fashion models likely have the very same sized skeletons as the Plus Sized girls.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by B Haim-Moth

Photography by Purdy Lon-Jury

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