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Prime Minister John Key is refusing to apologise for pointing out the truth that cameraman Bradley Ambrose is a devious and typically lawless member of the paparazzi.

Going back to the months surrounding New Zealand’s last election, Ambrose ‘mistakenly’ left a recording device on a café table near where Mr Key was engaged in a private discussion with contemporary John Banks.

I don’t feel it’s unreasonable that the nation’s Prime Minister should be allowed his privacy; to breach this unspoken etiquette through the devious channels implemented by Bradley Ambrose is utterly reprehensible.

Of course at the time of this ‘mistake’ the aforementioned recorder just happened to have been switched on, thus recorded an entire dull, political conversation.

The truth came out, John Key was understandably furious, he said some things of a defamatory nature; our Prime Minister was then sued by a smug Mr Ambrose.

Years later the case is wrapping up; John Key is settling out of court and using taxpayer money to fund the lawsuit.

I am surprised that the target of people’s indignation seems to be our Prime Minister for using public funds to cover costs, rather than that devious cameraman for his audacity; it’s not John Key’s fault that Bradley Ambrose is a lying, cheating quisling intent on effectively swindling the nation of New Zealand.

It’s not right that someone can end up paying for pointing out a truth, while another can come out better off for acting like a shithead.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by A R Saul

Photography by T Bagger




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