Tim Walker’s Fustigator VII


I am loved by many yet feared by plenty more.

I am recognised in a number of forms yet all are ultimately me.

I am more powerful than most yet hold a secure grip on nothing.

I am life-giving but also life-taking.

I am responsible for many life-forms yet have no heartbeat myself.

I am only as heavy as a similar quantity of earth.

I am pleasant to be inside yet cold to be outside.

I am necessary to the function of cars yet ruinous at the same time.

I am a big part of the fire brigade although I tend to run from danger.

I am not big on the rock scene yet am frequently seen at Oasis.

I am skilled at refreshing workers and expert at making cups of tea.

I am a fine runner yet a poor walker.

I am always one to go with the flow but when I am stopped I say damn.









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