Tim Walker’s Hopeless

Deputy Prime Minister Bill English caused uproar when, regarding New Zealand’s unfavourable unemployment rate, he was recorded making the quote: “A lot of Kiwis who are available for work are pretty damned hopeless.”

It mightn’t come as a surprise then to learn that the number of Filipino migrants arriving in New Zealand to work on our dairy farms in the last ten years has increased exponentially…

Just prior to that, at the very same Federated Farmers meeting, Mr English was also quoted referring to “a cohort of young Kiwis who couldn’t get a licence because they couldn’t read or write” and ultimately “who don’t look employable”.

…Some might assume this Filipino influx is purely the New Zealand dairy farmers’ way of sourcing cheap labour but in reality, again in the words of the Hon. Mr Bill English, “Filipinos make damn fine workers.”

These supposedly inflammatory quotes were surreptitiously recorded on a member of the Opposition’s cellular communications device and of course, the recording’s release has prompted all the classic remonstrations of, ‘Well that’s just unbecoming of the deputy PM’ or, ‘He should be made to apologise’ or, ‘He surely can’t get away with that kind of slander’, or similar squeak of displeasure from the back benches.

Despite this apparent hardship Mr English is standing by his comments; they were after all, when you think about it I mean, while they may not have been entirely politically correct, in being objective, his comments actually were, quite accurate.

That’s the main issue with New Zealand: we praise ourselves on having ‘Free Speech’ and all that wonderfully liberal stuff but when it comes to it, when someone utters a truth which on account of it not being a favourable truth has been conveniently pushed back and out of the way where no one will ever come upon its ugly meaning, it’s as if we just cannot help but take affront.

This is the ugly truth that Deputy Bill was so tactlessly stomping around but still, for some reason that nobody shall ever know, could not articulate: here in New Zealand we have an unemployment rate that is of a disproportionately high nature; also of a disproportionately high nature is the nation’s number of unskilled, uneducated and largely, unwilling youth.

New Zealand dairy farms are hiring Filipino workers in such large numbers because simply, they get the job done.

Unlike many unemployed New Zealand youth who complain about ‘bloody foreigners taking all the jobs’ yet believe themselves to be above working the kinds of jobs that these foreigners are in fact filling, the Filipino workforce not only appreciate the work, these fine men and women take pride in their work.

That was all Mr English was saying – he was merely stating the fact that many unemployed Kiwis are ungrateful, slack, sloppy workers and if they had the opportunity handed to them, they would likely drop it.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Deputy Bill

Photography by Uncle John




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