Tim Walker’s Fustigator XI


I am easy to turn on yet am not to be considered lascivious.

I am able to be controlled from afar yet refuse to move from my place.

I am the cause of late night disturbance yet can have a soporific effect.

I am the life of the party yet I do not go well with alcohol.

I am less important now than ten years ago yet I will always have a place.

I am sometimes confusing yet one can always see what I am thinking.

I am owned by one yet am governed by whichever knob is manipulating.

I am often heard to be speaking yet only through proper channels.

I am a version of younger models yet some believe older is still desirous.

I am a fan of the attuning process and do not enjoy being static.

I am proficient at playing music yet not so much instruments.

I am known by a variety of names of which one is Sharp.








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