Tim Walker’s Protesting VII

As Prime Minister John Key heroically pushes through a $2 billion free-trade deal with India, an ungrateful country waits.

There is also talk of including France in the above negotiations and all this, only months after securing a multibillion dollar trade deal with China and still, most people are against this bloody TPP thing.

Correction: most have no idea of this TPP thing – they know not what it is, what it would, or indeed what it will mean and if I know people, uncertainty indubitably breeds negativity.

Mr Key is out there, ultimately creating more jobs for the people of New Zealand and what are these people of New Zealand doing? Why they’re too busy bitching and moaning to notice, protesting about things they don’t understand while the rest of us pay the bills to keep the country afloat.

The people told our Government there was a job shortage (when perhaps the real shortage was in diligence or work ethic); through the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement he replied, increasing New Zealand’s trading ability with the rest of the world thereby increasing national productivity thus requirement for employment.

Gosh, poor old Uncle John must become terribly exasperated though when, through protest, New Zealand’s resident contingency of malcontents instruct him he needs to do this to improve that, then when he does this in an attempt to improve that, those very protesters instruct him that he can’t do this in his attempt to do that because that’s in breach of their rights so now their sovereignty is at stake or something else that they say without really understanding the words tumbling from betwixt their lips but which they believe if they arrange in some sort of rhyming format and yell into the sky with enough people standing idly by, they might just make a difference.

Welcome to New Zealand, the land with so little to worry about our protesters only complaints are nonsensical triviality.

Proud of you, Uncle John, bang up job, Sir.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Bish A Moon

Photography by Nin Sun Sickle

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