Tim Walker’s Protesting IX

The actions of a New Zealand Police Officer were called into question when he was photographed hauling an obstreperous protester by her hair across the street.

In fact this incident took place over six months ago – all the way back in February – and while it was today revealed that the policeman had managed to avoid any legal ramifications from his actions, obviously, among New Zealand’s protesting fraternity, there is uproar.

The aspect of this that raises my ire so very much is the fact that idiot protesters can position themselves wherever they like, they can plonk themselves somewhere and simply refuse to be moved; they can pose as much of an impediment to public flow as they please and providing they refer to their actions as conducting a ‘peaceful protest’ they are practically untouchable by authority figures.

The facts of the above situation, where a female protester was shown a classic example of ‘New Zealand Police Brutality’, are as follows: this woman, with her band of like-minded malcontents, while protesting the TPPA, had stationed herself in the middle of a busy road and was forcing traffic to come to a complete halt before very carefully navigating its way through; the police officer in question, decked out in riot gear as all police were that day, had firmly asked the woman to vacate the premises; she had refused thus the policeman had attempted to lift her and drag her by her arms; she had thrashed free, again taking her position on the road, disrupting unrelated citizens; the officer in question, clearly flustered by the protester’s ignorance, still needing to remove her but running out of ideas, simply grabbed the woman wherever he could and walked backwards.

I have documented in previous articles the massively unfair standard to which our New Zealand Police Force must adhere; offenders are quite free to abuse, punch, kick, spit, shank, or even shoot, and our humble policeman must absorb all of it while somehow maintaining peace in our increasingly lawless nation.

These kinds of protesters are dicks – if you have an issue with the way something is playing out why would you make life difficult for a populous of people who don’t even share your concern? Why would you not do something pragmatic about it?

Rather than waving banners preaching about how we need to ‘Make A Change’ but realistically doing nothing, why would you not make an actual change?



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Tia P Pyay

Photography by Notu Day

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