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Despite being formally charged with assault, aspiring Wellington rugby star Losi Filipo has avoided jail-time on the grounds that it might be ‘damaging to his future career’.

Filipo, his brother Sam, along with a group of friends, chased down and severely beat two other men, as well as physically attacking these two men’s girlfriends, leaving the two beaten men with massive, life-altering, injuries; yet because Losi Filipo is a current member of Wellington rugby with a bright future in the sport – which could be put in jeopardy should he face a prison sentence – the serious assault charges he is facing, including assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, also two counts of a man attacking a woman, which would ordinarily result in at least one year’s imprisonment, Losi Filipo will not see the inside of a jail cell.

Ironic, given that one of the young men he and his buddies drunkenly attacked, also a keen rugby player, has been told by medical professionals that he will never play the sport again.

Reportedly though, Losi Filipo has ‘shown deep remorse’ for his actions so, you know…

But they do, don’t they – that’s exactly what those drunken shitheads do, I mean once the alcohol’s worn off so the comprehension of their actions can begin to seep through the drug-induced blanket of stupidity under which their timid dispositions cower before they can then revert to the pitifully gutless Neanderthals they truly are – of course they become suddenly remorseful, that’s how it works.

…Not unlike the ‘remorse’ shown by Vincent Skeen – who, incidentally, will soon be out on parole after, as it turns out, already being on parole when he was arrested by Police for killing Luke Tipene with a broken beer bottle to the neck – as he came to the similarly ignorant realisation of what he’d done.

Honestly, I’ve seen it too many times to count – these kinds of guys who are natural born shitheads when they’re drunk, and in fact they’re natural born shitheads when they’re sober too, it’s just that while they’re drunk people are much more accepting of shitheadedness, then while they’re sober, that shitheadedness seems to be confused for arrogance or greatness or something and is naturally respected by their cohort of like-minded Neanderthals – that’s just what happens to young tough-guys when they’re boozing: they drink alcohol, they can’t handle their alcohol, they become aggressive, they cause someone great harm; of course from under their boozy fug they can never appreciate the magnitude of what they’ve done until, next morning they say sorry and probably, let’s be fair, have a little cry about it and blame the universe for all of their ills, and I’m sure their gorgeous girlfriends take pity on them, because that’s just how shitheads roll.

I understand what our judicial system is trying to do here; after all New Zealand has always had far greater success putting Islanders on the sports field than it has putting them in jail but come on..?

Losi Filipo, future All Black or not, had a hand in almost beating to death two men while having no compunction about severely maiming two women – do New Zealanders even want someone like this representing them?



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Julie N Severe

Photography Woman Beater


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