Tim Walker’s Budget

In response to Bill English’s 2015 Budget revelation, predictably, throngs of hard working Kiwi citizens have taken to the streets in protest.

The theme behind their rhyme-less chanting appears to be that these young-mother advocates are unhappy with the New Zealand Government’s ‘tax relief for mothers’ package; seemingly an extra $25 or so weekly assistance is inadequate.

Here’s the thing about that: I’m quite certain that John Key is not deliberately being a frugal arse-wipe. Clearly, what with all the other areas requiring/demanding Government handouts, that’s all the nation can currently afford; as for David Little’s suggestion that his opposition party could do better, well Mr Little, you might recall it was Helen Clark’s Labour Government who first dropped us in the financial shit-hole – from which, along with the ensuing global recession, the nation has never completely recovered.

Honestly, protesters’ energy would be much better directed focusing on getting through to the humanity of those immoral shitheads who thought it’d be a bit of fun to scatter fish hooks across an Onerahi children’s recreation area.

Ultimately the aforementioned protesters can bitch and moan all they like about lack of support for young mothers but as the saying goes: You can’t squeeze fruit juice from dog shit.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Noah Mini

Photography by Dick Heed Fisher-Hook

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