Tim Walker’s Syndicate

The Australian man at the centre of group-purchase lottery ticket controversy has proven himself to be a player of psychotically clever standards.

For years this man had been part of a Lotto syndicate arrangement, wherein all involved put in a little cash then one of the group purchases a ticket on their collective behalf…

Seemingly what this, arguably deceitful, character was doing, whenever it came time to buy the group’s ticket, he’d buy two, thereby doubling his chances of winning. Of course if his ticket won, well, he won; but then if the syndicate won, well he could easily decide that the syndicate’s ticket was the other one.

…Then any winnings from this syndicate ticket are theoretically divided up between the players in a prize pool system that in principle is very simple, yet does require a fair exhibition of scruples.

Word is that these workplace syndicate tickets have enjoyed a long history of success in Australia and while they might appear a cheap and easy way to have a bit of fun with Lotto, the concept is fraught with loopholes.

Admittedly if it were I who’d won 16 or 17 million, I can’t see that I’d have any issue distributing the funds equally between the group but this guy – switching tickets so in fact nobody could ever tell that he hadn’t bought the winner for himself then running off with the most attractive member of the aforementioned group – shit, I don’t know whether to be impressed or disgusted.

I guess we’ll see.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Jimmy Prack

Photography by Millie Yon Heir


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