Tim Walker’s Brown

Contemporary R&B artist Chris Brown is potentially being denied entry to New Zealand, meaning his upcoming concert might be cancelled.

Brown’s passage has come under question following a history of domestic abuse; most famously he beat pop star Rihanna into an unrecognisable state.

So providing Mr Brown doesn’t take a Kiwi girl as his girlfriend while he’s in New Zealand, we should be fine.

He’s clearly an angry man and while beating women is far from an admirable way of venting one’s rage, perhaps he ought to have stay in Mount Eden Prison where inmates are impressed by the ability to beat each other senseless.

Yesterday in Manawatu Prison an inmate broke a window then used the glass to attack the head and neck of a prison guard. This inmate then managed to injure two more guards who were trying to subdue him. Turns out this inmate has a history of stabbing people. Sounds like New Zealand have located the ideal buddy for Chris Brown.

Let the gutless wonder into the country, let him speak his tuneless rhymes to his legions of fans; then introduce the idiot to some genuinely violent people and see how he likes having his arse handed to him.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Brown I Dicklas

Photography by Woe Mann Beeter



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